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Lenient IT Experts as per our professional experience Today’s world everyone should have their own professional website for everyone even, they belong with any professional, in this blog we have given you complete information how domain, hosting & website working and give you step by step gaudiness and where you can buy these amazing tools and change your life also promote yourself any kind of profession of yours and very useful for businesses as well too, so let’s start….if you need our help please feel free to contact us.

What’s the Difference Between Domain Names, Web Hosting, and Website? .

It’s sometime very easy to get confused with websites, domain names, domain registration, and web hosting terminology. In this article, we will discuss all the differences between Domain Name vs Website vs Web Hosting. Domain names, websites and web hosting are three services linked together to provide an online service, but they are very different in terms of service. Let’s first start with domain names.

Domain Names in short name DNS

acts as an identity for your website on the Internet. Every website must have one domain name associated with it to access it through web browser like www.namecheap.com.Domain name is an easy way to remember website names. For example, Google company registered their website name as google.com or https://www.google.com.pk/ Now google.com is their official domain name and acts as a front door of their online business. Also, Google puts its website files on the domain name google.com. Now, you can see all google website pages through www.google.com.You can refer to our guide on domain names and how to register domain names? 



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4-Name Hosting 

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Final & Amazing Part The Website Desigans & Themes

A World Wide Web website is a collection of web pages, for your personal information company profile, etc. You can build web pages using HTML, Word Press, PHP, Java, and other programming languages. You don’t have coding skills to design web pages? No problem! It’s easy these days to build a website without any coding skills. Every website consists of HTML web pages, images, videos, and CSS files to organize content neatly. Your website can be informative or online shopping portal and so on. Once your website is ready, you need to link it to the domain name of your business.

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