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Lenient IT Experts Understand the importance of getting only genuine software products, also we recommended to all our physical and remotely clients too and give them complete information and befits regarding the genuine software products as well, here are some important information we share with you too please read it. regards 1- Microsoft Windows, contact us.

All Geniune Softwawre Producs & Updates Are Very Imprtant .

We Understand the importance of getting only genuine Microsoft Windows software, we always buy genuine Microsoft windows, there are some kinds of Microsoft Windows here is share with you some, there are multiple Microsoft windows version, it’s starting from Microsoft Windows 1 to Microsoft Windows 11 is the latest windows available at the market, but we always try to recommend our all clients who bring there systems to our place or remotely our main aim to give them complete information regarding Microsoft Windows genuine products buy from us our online Microsoft Windows Buy Link our team help them how to buy online or offline from our shop as well and mostly clints from us even online too, so this is our main work to explain them genuine products benefits, updates, and also give computer protection from ransomware viruses and any kind of new bug and many more protections proving genuine products as well.

If You Invest Payment To Genuine Software It’s Professionalism.

2. Genuine software provides protection Genuine software helps protect against viruses, spyware, malware, and other risks associated with counterfeit software. Get the protection you expect and deserve. 3. Genuine software is reliable You count on the reliability and performance of genuine software and can’t afford the downtime caused by system failures or security breaches that can result from non- genuine software use. 4. Genuine software is supported Only genuine software is supported by Microsoft or your partner. Customers with counterfeit software aren’t entitled to support, and will be at a real loss when things go wrong. 5. Risks of Counterfeit While counterfeit software may seem like a “good deal”, the hidden costs can significantly outweigh any savings you may think you are getting. 6. Viruses, malware, identity theft 1 in 3 consumer PCs with counterfeit software installed will be infected with malware. That puts these users at an increased risk for identity and bank account theft, and also increases the chance they’ll pass on a virus to colleagues or friends. 7. Damage to PCs and devices Counterfeit software can have disastrous effects on the performance of your PCs and devices – both at work and at home. Ensure your technology investments aren’t exposed to these risks. 8. Increased costs Fixing the serious issues caused by counterfeit has consequences that are both time-consuming and expensive. Any software cost savings realized by purchasing counterfeit is quickly reversed when fixing the damages. It simply isn’t worth it. 9. Types of Piracy Make sure you are always getting genuine software. Don’t fall victim to these common types of piracy and remember that if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. 10. Hard Disk Loading (Installation Piracy) • Hard disk loading (installation piracy) occurs when a system builder installs (and typically activates) one license onto multiple devices, then sells the devices without accompanying software licenses. • The system builder avoids the license costs, but typically charges the customer for the illegitimate software. Customers may remain unaware of any pirating until they encounter issues. • Ask your PC provider to confirm the installation and inclusion of genuine, fully licensed software with any new PC purchase. When purchasing PCs with Windows Professional versions installed, look for a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label or a Genuine Microsoft Label (GML), both indicators of genuine Microsoft software. Learn more at http://aka.ms/mshardwarepcpurchase. 11. Online Downloads Software distributed illegally via peer-to-peer networks or downloaded through unauthorized sites. This software often contains harmful malware and viruses. Only download Microsoft software from sites you know are legitimate, such as the Microsoft Store. Never download from any peer-to-peer networks, BitTorrent index sites, or one-click file hosting sites. Learn more at http://aka.ms/mssoftwaredigital and www.bsa.org/anti-piracy/internetpiracy. 12. Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) • Standalone COAs are COAs that are sold by themselves, without the accompanying software they authenticate. They can be counterfeit versions and are often purchased by PC manufacturers in bulk, affixed to PCs, and passed off as a license. • Ask your PC provider to confirm that only genuine software has been preinstalled on your PC and verify that any COA affixed to your PC is genuine and is accompanied by the license it authenticates. 13. Leaked Volume License Keys (VLKs) • Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreements for large organizations provide Volume License Keys (VLKs) for Microsoft product activation in certain scenarios. The unauthorized distribution of these VLKs, outside of the organization to which they are tied, is a form of piracy. • Only those devices that are a part of the organization with the Volume Licensing Agreement may use their assigned VLKs. VLKs are never legitimate when sold or distributed outside of the organization to which they are tied. Never purchase or illegally use or download a VLK. To learn more about VLKs visit http://aka.ms/productactivation. 14. Online Auction Sites Pirated or unauthorized software is often distributed via online auction sites, where sellers take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. Sellers may be offering second-hand product, previously activated product, stolen or used COAs, illegally copied DVDs, etc. Buyers are often left without recourse once they discover they have been a victim of piracy. Be careful when buying from online auction sites. Ask important questions. Does the software come in its original packaging? Does it include all necessary components? Is the price too good to be true? Is it being sold by a reseller you know and trust? Learn more at http://aka.ms/msonlineshopping. 15. We recommend Windows, and we say “NO” to counterfeits. Thank you, Best regards,


Microsoft Windows 10 such a wonderful and amazing product for Microsoft we always recommended to our client to buy genuine Microsoft software, feel free to buy from us or through direct Microsoft if you need our support to installation for buy feel free to contact us.